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Hi guys, I actually wanted to ask you something.
After finishing part 7 now of school of smash and finally being more active, I wanted to talk about the roles
of the ones who aren't in the new smash.

I had the idea of making Snake into a Janitor and heard some others but, I wanted to aks you guys, what are your ideas.
Or maybe just ideas in General.

I list the students here first:
Notes to the Project:

Colors of Ties and bows:

:bulletred: First Smash bros
:bulletpurple: Melee
:bulletgreen: Brawl
:bulletblue: Smash bros 4
:bulletyellow: DLC

Class 1: (:bulletred: Captain Falcon)

Name; Club

:bulletblue:Mega Man ; Sports
:bulletblue:Wii fit trainer; Sports
:bulletblue:Little Mac ; Sports
:bulletred:Fox ; gardening
:bulletred:Mario ; Cooking
:bulletred:Luigi ; gardening
:bulletpurple:Peach; Literature
:bulletpurple:Bowser; occult club
:bulletgreen:Lucario ; Sports

Class 2: (:bulletblue:Palutena)

:bulletgreen:Pit ; Kendo (changed it)
:bulletblue:Lucina; Soon Kendo
:bulletblue:Robin; Literature
:bulletblue:Dark Pit ; no club
:bulletblue:Shulk ; soon Kendo
:bulletpurple:Zelda ; Literature
:bulletblue:Rosalina ; Literature
:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:Mewtwo ; Occult club
:bulletred:Kirby ; Cooking

Class 3: (:bulletpurple:Ganondorf)

:bulletred:Link ; Kendo
:bulletblue:Pac-man ; occult club
:bulletgreen:Charizard ; no club
:bulletred:Yoshi ; sports
:bulletpurple:Falco ; Gardening
:bulletgreen:Sonic; sports
:bulletblue:Dr. Mario ; Gardening
:bulletgreen:Olimar ; Gardening
:bulletblue:Villager ; Gardening

Class 4: ( :bulletred:Samus)

:bulletgreen:Ike; Kendo
:bulletpurple:Marth; Kendo
:bulletblue:Greninja; sports
:bulletblue:Bowser Jr.; occult
:bulletred:Jigglypuff; cooking
:bulletblue:Alph; Gardening
:bulletred:Ness; Occult
:bulletgreen:Toon Link; kendo
:bulletgreen:Wario; cooking

Class 5: (:bulletgreen:DeDeDe)

:bulletgreen:Meta knight ; Kendo
:bulletred:Donkey Kong; sports
:bulletgreen:Diddy kong;sports
:bulletred:Pikachu; cooking
:bulletpurple:Game and watch; cooking
:bulletgreen:R.O.B; occult
:bulletblue:Mii Fighthers; no club

Class 6 (:bulletyellow:Bayonetta)

:bulletyellow:Cloud ; soon Kendo
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Lucas; Occult (changed it because someone told me)
:bulletpurple::bulletyellow:Roy; Cooking ( he had duty before joining the school there )
:bulletyellow:Ryu; Sports
:bulletyellow:Corrin ; soon kendo

Outfit designs:
School of Smash: Uniforms by FumikoMiyasaki
For the others I didn't do, mostly similar outfits,
animals wear ties or bows only, no clothes.

With this I also delete the old journal to it.

Have a nice day.                                                                                              -Fumiko
Just want to know what you guys
who own the game think about the new update.
I just stumbled accidently over it yesterday
and was like, what happened to animal crossing?

But I love it now I hope to get the in game minigames too.

Also another Question to our fellow smash members.
What are you most hyped about around new games that come out?

Also if you guys want to visit me in animal crossing, here is my Slumber adress.  
7C00 0010 794F

                                                                                                             - Fumiko
I thank you so much, guys!

I am glad that you all joined and that we already have such a great collection on submissions.
Also thank you guys all for the support and the ideas.

If you guys are bothered by something or have some questions,
be sure in Future to tells us too.=D

                                                                                                              - Fumiko
First of all thank you all who joined here and helped me through this group with
submissions and everything. I thank everyone of you that we have such a great Group going on.

But I noticed a few things that I have to say that must Change:

First of all this Group is only Smash bros related and everything to theirs series.
That means don't add stuff from animes that have nothing at all to do with the series.
We have a though work of clearing this deviations away from our group.
If you submit to much wrong, you will not be part of the group anymore.

Next of all the school of smash folder is only for my project and fanart of it,
not for normal school related pictures of smash bros.
For these we have the smash bros folder.

If you are to unsure where to submit, just ask us.=D

Now that that's over with, I wanted to ask you guys what are your smash bros mains?
So I know a little more about you guys.=D

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